All Phases of Prep Work

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All Phases of Prep Work

Remove items such as doors, light fixtures, door knobs, pictures and nails, protect what can’t be removed with plastic sheeting and if there are cracks, holes, we remove debris from area, apply Spackle and allow for drying, on some occasions, a second or a third coat may be needed depending on area being repaired.

Allow that area to dry then sand down to a smooth flush finish that blends into the wall/ceiling, which is considered “re floating the repair surface” allow to dry completely before sanding.

When removing peeling paint, scrape the area with a Spackle blade to remove loose paint, sand down finished area to blend evenly with the surface.

Interior Painting

Time for a fresh, new look? Something that reflects your personality? Let us show you what the correct color scheme and combinations can do for you.


Exterior Painting

Selling your home? A fresh coat of paint can add thousands to your bottom line, an unsightly exterior are signs of neglect, let us change all that for you.


Power Washing

We do sidewalks, houses, entrances, decks, fences, walls, store fronts; RV’s, mobile homes and much more, if it’s dirty well make it look like new.
“Get rid of the grime and make it shine”


Restoration Services / Mold Removal

Our professionals can help pinpoint, remove and dispose of mold infested materials necessary which is necessary to remediate the heavy mold and growth.


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